During my recruitment career, I have conducted various training workshops as well as mentored groups and individuals on how to apply for jobs and prepare for assessment centres and interviews. Alongside this, I have also been a recruitment assessor and continue to do this in my spare time.

Because I thrive on helping others to develop themselves in whatever way they need, I am also offering recruitment mentoring as a separate service. I want to help you be the best candidate you can be and give you hints and tips on how to stand out from the others!

Please see details below for more information:



Guidance for Success

Has it been a while since you last had to apply for a job? Have you looked at the application form and saw a load of competency questions you have to answer and have no clue where to start?!

Or perhaps you've been invited to attend an interview or assessment centre and would like guidance on how best to approach these. It could even be that you are completely new to the way we recruit in the UK!

Whatever you're recruitment concerns are, don't worry, help is at hand! With 14 years recruitment experience in London, I am confident I will be able to help. 

I will be able to share with you proven theories and models, hints and tips to make you a strong candidate throughout every part of the recruitment cycle. We can even talk about your image and how best to conduct yourself infront of your potential boss! Being an assessor myself, I will be able to give you an insight into what assessors look for from candidates as well as giving you the opportunity to practice any parts of the process you're less confident about. 

Applying for jobs can take a lot of time and energy and is becoming ever more competitive, so why not get in touch and we can talk further about a package that would suit your needs and make you stand out from the crowd! I look forward to  hearing from you soon!



Learning about eachother

As I mentioned on my profile page, I'm an introvert at heart. Something I always struggled with in school, college, university and my career. It has only been in the past 4 yrs when I suddenly realised 'it's OK to be an introvert! Infact, it's great!'

I always felt I had to adapt my style to be more extroverted to be successful and although, yes, sometimes we all have to adapt our styles, we don't have to change who we are. I realised that although we live in a more extroverted world, extroverts need introverts just as much as, well... a hat needs a head!! I'm just not sure if extroverts necessarily realise it and if I'm really honest, introverts probably don't realise it either! 

I think part of this is because we don't really understand enough about the other preference to know how to work effectively together, so that's why in 2018 I teamed up with another Introvert Ambassador delivering workshops to organisations such as Yes Futures and Action for Happiness - not only to wave the flag for introverts, but to help people understand the benefits of both preferences within personal and professional settings too.